Hello, friend.

I’m Alexa.IMG_5998.JPG

I grew up in Louisiana (minus a year in Virginia) and now I go to school in central Mississippi. The South, I’m realizing, is full of a lot of cool hidden treasures. I hope, in the future, to complain less and explore more.

Coffee is necessary to my existence. Behind every social introvert is a lot of caffeine. The bulk of my college career has happened in our local coffee shop, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That coffee shop has been home to some of the best conversations I’ve had. It’s one of my favorite places to write and read and study and laugh and just exist. So coffee is important.

People are important too. The people in the coffee shop and the people I work with and worship with and the people I call Home. I used to be afraid of people, of giving them the power to hurt me or to reject me. But I’m learning to let all that go and really love people. I’m learning how important it is to have encouragers and people who make you laugh and people who put good books in your hand and point you to Jesus. And goodness if it’s not the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Books have always been my best friend, though. In kindergarten I got special permission to stay awake during naptime and read. In elementary school when my mom sent me to my room as a punishment she had to add “but no reading!” or I would thank her. In middle school and high school, books understood me and I understood them, even though the rest of life didn’t make a lot of sense. And now, in college, books are a language my friends and I speak. They are helping me figure out who I am and where I am going. And they are consistently draining my bank account.

My love for writing came long after my love for books and words, but it came just as strongly. Sometime in high school I wrote a creative essay and realized I loved it. I tried to be practical and talk myself into journalism or English ed. I tried not to give in to this writing-love. But eventually it won. Now I’m an English Writing major because I have all of the feelings about all of the words.

But none of this really matters apart from Jesus. Back when I was falling in love with books, I was falling in love with Him too. And even though I didn’t really know what sanctification and justification and all of those things were until much later, He saved me when I was young. Then in those early, angsty teenage years, I started seeking Him. That’s when my relationship with Jesus really began. And none of the other stuff, the books and the words and the coffee and the people, none of that means anything outside of Jesus and His plan. And it’s really cool to be a part of that.

Let’s be friends —

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